Broadband – Controlling A Giant

Growth despite the credit crunch

While many business sectors are suffering in the current financial climate, broadband has seen an increase of 592,000 connections since the last quarter of 2007. The latest OTA figures reveal that the UK has over 17 million broadband connections in homes across the land, as the use of internet swamps many other forms of communication.

In terms of the broadband and communications arena there are many new rules and regulations under consideration. The newly appointed Junior Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting, Stephen Carter will see his work cut out for him as the internet reaches an ever growing audience.

Can the internet be controlled?

One of the biggest challenges which lies ahead is the regulation of online video content. The information sharing aspect of the internet is one of this media’s biggest attractions, however rules which were set to protect children from adult sites, could result in the repression of pioneering new media. If, for example there are sites which incorporate online videos, decisions will have to be made about whether the average Joe blogger who wants to attach a clip has to apply for a certificate for his site. Other important questions include who will certify each video, how long with the process take and how much will it cost? As the majority of online video content is produced overseas, how would a UK video regulation policy be implemented? These and many other questions will have to be addressed in order to continue protecting vulnerable internet users, whilst allowing for innovative growth which is in line with the rest of the world.

Accessing all areas

The benefit of broadband and the accessibility to online information has made it a phenomenon which has revolutionised communication across the globe. However, on the downside the ability to share files and copy information has had devastating effects on a number of well documented industries such as music and film. Indeed, with the rise of expert hacking organisations, personal information such as bank details and addresses can be more easily attained online than ever before. These problem areas reveal a real need for tighter controls and universal regulations which will protect information when necessary. However, as a medium which is shared throughout the world, controlling and regulating the internet is a mammoth task.

A time to regulate

The biggest organisations who can afford to protect their products and profits are making the most headway in terms of copyright and privacy. Perhaps their influence will make the biggest waves online giving greater restrictions through data protection, without stifling the growth of new media. One thing’s for sure, as the growth of broadband infiltrates every aspect of our lives from work to school and home, the necessity for controlling and protecting information is one of the most important tasks at hand.

By: Ben Leach

Samsung Armani Vs Samsung G800: A Contest Of Surprises

Since the time that they started launching mobile phones all of their brands have come with many features and qualities. These Mobile phones have always been very user friendly. If one thinks about the phrase: Samsung Armani VS Samsung G800 then it would be proper to say that both of these mobile devices have many interesting features in them.

The Samsung Armani is one of the best mobile camera phones available in the market today. It has a 3 MP camera along with features like Flash and digital zoom. There is also a viewfinder available in this handset. These features make it a decent mobile phone for taking a nice picture which has a good quality. One can also take good videos with the help of a decent video player(available with the CIF facility) and then the user can also playback their videos that they have recorded. This is also a good memory phone with 60 MB of built-in memory and also has the option of expanding the external memory with the option of the microSD memory card. The connectivity is also decent and the data transfer rate is good with the facilities like Bluetooth, EDGE,GPRS and USB being available in the handset. One of the lighter handsets to carry around the Samsung Armani has a weight of about 85 gms. This is a decent handset with all the latest features available in the market.

The Samsung G800 on the other hand is also quite a decent mobile phone and has a variety of features which will never cease to amaze the user. Hence there are marvels like a 5 MP camera with 3x optical zoom, autofocus as well as a Xenon flash. The camera can thus take pictures both in bright as well as in dull conditions. One can store lots of data with the phone having a built-in memory of 160 MB and also the option of a microSD(Transflash) memory card. There are 3 GSM networks plus a UTMS network as well. Hence the networks of GSM 900, GSM 1800 as well as the GSM 1900 help the user of this mobile phone to keep in contact while being in any part of the world as a result of worldwide roaming. The user can also browse the internet with the help of browsers like the WAP 2.0 and the xHTML as well as the HTML browser. With a 2.4 inches TFT colour screen and the resolution of the TFT screen being 240 x 320 pixels, this is a good display handset. There are the standard messaging features as well as email and the user also need not complete the word that he types as a result of the predictive text feature. One can share data at very high speeds and thus save time because this mobile phone is a 3G phone and has the HSDPA(High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology. The handset also has the facility of mobile printing as well as the feature of call management. Hence the user can handle multiple calls at a time. This thus answers the interesting contest between the two phones: Samsung Armani vs Samsung G800.

Hence both the handsets have many interesting features and come with a set of features which though different from each other are equally wonderful. These are the two most advanced handsets in the market and are also both very easy to handle. They both have many features in them which are useful to the user at various points of time. The question therefore of the Samsung Armani vs Samsung g800 is answered in the sense that both of these phones are good in terms of performance and capability.

By: David Boon
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Nokia N Series – Make Your Own Choice

Nokia has enchanted everyone all over the globe with its sophisticated N Series mobile phones. Are you in foul mood or feeling sad? You need Nokia N series to blow away your blues.

If you are among those who cannot think of life without a mobile phone, then the Nokia N 96 is the best option for you. It has been manufactured taking into consideration the whims and desires of mobile-savvy customers who are not satisfied with common features.

You name any feature, Nokia N 96 has it. It has camera, video recorder, Internet browsing, music player and many more featured accessories. Being a multimedia mobile phone, it has an incredible display with 2.8 QVGA colored screen, which is capable of exhibiting around 16 million different shades. It has resolution measuring 240x320 pixels. It has a 5Mp camera and Mpeg4 video filming, and it is tailor made for future live mobile TV broadcasts.

The Nokia N96 has been a trail blazer for other mobile phones. Its GPS capabilities have been sharpened further.

The Nokia N95 has burst out onto the scene as a bestselling mobile phone. If you want to stay connected to mobile broadband with the help of WLAN or HSDPA, Nokia N 95 is the right phone for you. Are you among those who are not very good at finding directions, the integrated GPS and maps will come in handy for you. If you like taking pictures, the Nokia N 95 will not let you down with its 5 megapixel auto focus camera.

Further, Nokia N 85 has a dual LED flash and auto focus, and it features VGA resolution video capture at 30 fps. It also facilitates geo tagging of photos which you can upload straight from the handset to the web. It has a numeric keypad and multimedia and gaming features.

The Nokia N85 is a 3.5G HSDPA gazette that has two different tri-band UMTS configurations. Furthermore, it supports 802.11 b and g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 connections. Plus the display is as large as 2.6 OLED panel in 16 million colors.

All the above mentioned phones are extremely featured and incredible and making a choice is very difficult. Recommending that one is better than the other will be a big mistake. So it bowls down to one thing - it will all depend on what are your needs and preferences. So make your own choice right away.

By: Martin Dev
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Mobile Phone And Free Laptops

Electronic gadgets are passing through a phase of constant revolution. Each time we feel that an invention cannot be surpassed; a new and much better product is verily launched. We have put our feet forward in this brilliant age of unprecedented electronic choices. Mobile phones, Laptops and many other gizmos have simply drowned the market with their armory.

They are super products. To add to the lure, many manufacturing companies also give veritable discounts, cash backs and various kinds of free gifts. These gifts create a sensation of richness.

Invariably for a mobile phone order, we can find a mélange of free gifts doing the rounds. The offer is an embarrassment of riches. We just have so much to choose from.

Let’s take few recent instances to highlight the point better. Sony Ericsson is a company with redoubtable reputation. It will sell without ‘seducing freebies’ yet it aligns to the present freebie fad so that the buyers get some added satisfaction. It recently promoted its Free Sony Ericsson T 303 with 12 month free line rental on a 12 month contract. It further gave away 250 free text message options along with 700 free talk-time minutes.

Nintendo DS is an electric behemoth from Japan. It has created ground-breaking PSP gizmos in the past. It has given us a great offer. Nintendo has aligned with many top companies to distribute a free Nintendo Wii with their mobile phones. Top mobile phone companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony and HTC are letting people avail off the Nintendo Bounty. Apart from this, there is automatic cash back and free line rental or discounted line rental option.

Laptops are not to be left behind in the race. Promotional free laptops with new mobile phones are heading the charts these present times. Interestingly, most laptops cost more than mobile phones but some companies are giving it away for every mobile phone purchased! It’s just gift galore for mobile phone buyers!

Lenovo has created a vast repertoire of gifts. Presently, for most of its models, it is providing with a three-dimensional choice.

· Style
· Entertainment
· Peace of mind

Each has sub-categories which make the choices well-spread. Free laptop bounties can include inkjet printers, MP3 player, UPS, Laptop sleeve, Laptop skins and so on. The sellers ask for a prior registration and the gifts reach us without the usual S&H charges.

Let us enjoy our days in the brilliant warmth of discounts and free gifts.

By: Sean Anderson
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Call Centres And Automatic Call Distributors (acd) – An Overview

A call centre is a facility which is mostly used by companies to provide customer service. This type of facility used to handle only incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. However nowadays companies use call centres for a variety of activities like marketing, trouble shooting and making outbound service calls to the customers.

One defining feature of call centres is the receiving and dialling of a large volume of telephone calls. Nowadays, with high speed Internet and broadband connections available in most cities, customer servicing is also done over a variety of web media such as chat and e-mail. Since these service centres handle letters, faxes, and e-mails apart from telephone calls all at one location, they are also known as contact centres.

The physical topography of call centre offices typically consists of extensive open workspace dotted with work stations equipped with a computer and a telephone set/headset connected to a telecom switch. All the work stations are monitored by supervisors who with the help of call centre software can watch the process in real time.

The technological topography can be quite complex as modern call centres handle a variety of communication media such as voice calls, faxes, e-mails and chat. In other words, this throws up the need for a seamless interface to accommodate all of these media.

Moreover the system should be flexible and scalable enough to meet future challenges. In addition to managing all the above mentioned modes of interaction, sometimes call centres are operated or networked with additional centres.

How do call centres manage all these complex tasks with ease and provide customer satisfaction? They have at their disposal an array of software called ‘call centre software’ which can help managers and agents manage the inbound queries and outbound response and service calls. These software solutions also help the senior management to keep track of performance and productivity.

One of the most important pieces of call centre software is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) which is discussed in detail below.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) recognizes, answers and routes incoming calls to the next available agent. Its scale can range from just a few lines for small operations to hundreds of lines for large applications and campaigns.

The ACD on receiving a call distributes it to an agent or operator, a recorded message (or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system), or puts it on hold until an agent can receive it. This distribution is done on the basis of specific instructions, regarding the handling of the call, received from the caller or the system itself.

ACD systems can also act intelligently by routing the call to the specifically skilled agents or specific IVR menus by filtering the calls on many factors such as the number of the caller, country of origin, agent availability and expertise and time of day.

An example of such capability is that a person calling from France will be directed to the agent who is fluent in French and the IVR menu he/she will encounter will also be in French. This capability goes a long way in satisfying a customer and building up the image of the company as one which takes care of its customers.

An ACD system can be of use to any organization looking to satisfy its customers and other stake holders. Plus, it is also of great importance to customer service centres, inbound service bureaus and government agencies.

Today’s ACD systems are far ahead of their predecessors. Digital recording, conferencing, silent observation, agent coaching and outbound call blending are some of the advanced features that modern day ACD systems are equipped with.

By: Kath Dawson
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Discover The Latest Calling Technology - Voip

VoIP can now justifiably replace traditional methods of phone calling, previously limited to voice-enabled computers connected with Internet. You can easily notice the advantaged technology, the "always on" broadband.

To simplify the matter, this latest technology is quite easy to work with. VoIP includes a VoIP service provider and subscribers of the phone service therein. Similar to a regular system, you can get a unique phone number provided by VoIP providers, which will enable you to use it with VoIP handsets or devices for calling others in almost all diverse locations.

Perhaps you may think that there is no difference between the traditional phone calling system and the new VoIP solution. Yes, that is true, just that VoIP phones have much more benefits. This incredible system is cheaper than any other calling system you know. To persuade you, note that monthly charges are typically charged on your VoIP account instead of focusing on charges per-call.

In case you have to use phone calling extensively for your business concerns, you can find a great money saving solution in VoIP. Not only does it provide you with cheaper costs, but it also introduces new plans according to your requirements.

As long as you are keen with saving your budget, you can find that VoIP is the best option that you have. Feel free to compare your traditional phone plans with this new technology and admit the truth, happily.

For starters, imagine having to pay merely $20 monthly for this incredible service, along with as low as $9 monthly for an additional rent and enjoy your calling. Of course, this is the cheapest, as you will see. This simple reason has led to a huge increase in VoIP service subscriber base in a very short time. All you have to do to get a connection with VoIP is to subscribe to a high-speed internet connection available in your area, and to your local VoIP service provider.

You can easily get a VoIP connection directly by registering online with a merchant offering these services. From a practical point of view all the procedures involved are quite easy and effortless. You can subscribe online, select the suitable plans for your requirements of calling, provide details and get started. All this with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you have a credit card, debit card, Paypal account or Moneybookers account, you can easily pay using these immediately.
Get a VoIP connection for your business and be ready to be amazed at the amount of money saved, and the efficiency it brings to your business.

By: Mira Williams
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Enjoy Watching Tv On Computer Whilst Working

This new technology is awesome. I am writing this article to explain how you can be watching TV on the computer whilst working like I am doing now, or if you prefer put aside the work and enjoy the TV program without the other distractions.

The software that is out there is available as an immediate download with a one off small payment. I am talking about a payment that is less than the normal monthly changes you would expect to pay per month for cable television if residing in United States.
This Satellite TV is giving good quality pictures and believe it or not has access to over 4000 channels from around the world. The number of channels you can view does depend on the time zone you are watching in, if for example you are viewing UK TV channels in the Southern hemisphere during the day you will be looking at programs that are being screened in the middle of the night.

Not all the TV for Computers providers are equal, the one I am watching now allows me to resize the screen (which opens in a new page) and place it anywhere on my screen, this is enabling me to work on another page and have the TV playing. This is great for news, music and sport in particular. I am able to keep up with all the international sport results and watch games from around the world. I have found that if I want to watch any political updates or any debates this is a good way to view them whilst still being able to carry on working or surfing the net. Watching the movies I can increase the screen size and just sit back and enjoy the movie. One of the other reasons I am enjoying watching TV on Computer is because I have access to many of the European movies as well as the local ones.

There are many providers and you need to check that what you pay for is what you get. Their software must be legal and offer constant updates to make it worth your while. Although the convenience of this technology is becoming more obvious, one of the other big factors is the potential saving. As we hear more reports about the depressed state of the global economy this technology offers an alternative to the monthly outgoings for cable television. I have spent time downloading various options and if you would like to read my opinion on what is the best deal out there go to my blog and enjoy my review.

By: Rory Wilkinson
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